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Old CoinAdder is officially Closed

The remaining payments are being processed and we will begin the launch of the new CoinAdder platform. Stay tuned!


Old CoinAdder is Going Away

We are happy to be one of the most popular websites for earning bitcoins and want to turn CoinAdder into something better. We will be working on making a new site for our users and will be lowering the payout minimum to 1000 satoshis for the next 30 days to process remaining payments.


Payments in progress!

Server upgrades are completed and we are sending payments out. Happy earning!


Over 9 BTC Paid Out!

Over 900 MILLION Satoshis have been paid to CoinAdder.com members since we launched. Thank you to everyone for your support in making CoinAdder one of the top PTC sites for Bitcoin!


We have switched to FaucetHub.io payments!

Do to numerous requests from our users to switch to FaucetHub.io payments, we have completed the migration today. This means faster and more reliable payments to your Bitcoin wallet.
You MUST have a FaucetHub account to receive payments now from CoinAdder. Create Free Account Here.


ePay switch Completed!

Thanks to our users for voting on the Poll for the new payment processor. We have completed the switch to ePay.info payments. Thank you for your patience and happy earning!


FaucetBox Closing

We just got news about FaucetBox closing, which is unfortunate because they have been very good Micro-payment processor for faucets. We will continue to use FauceBOX until 16 January 2017 to process payments but will most likely be switching to another processor before then. FaucetBox will continue to process withdrawals until January so you should have no problem getting your funds for now. We will be sure to keep everyone updated on the blog or site notices.

Thanks for using CoinAdder!


CoinAdder Reaches 60,000 Members!

Thanks to everyone that has signed up and helped make CoinAdder one of the best PTC sites on the web for earning #BTC. We will continue to strive to pay out users on time and improve the features of this site. Online since 2014!

We have increased the payouts to 75 Satoshis per Click and also increased referral commissions to 20%.
We appreciate all our loyal users thanks for using CoinAdder!


Over 7 BTC+ Paid Out to Users!

We are happy to announce that CoinAdder has paid out over 7 BTC (700 MILLION SATOSHIS) to users since we first opened. Thank you to every one for your support in making CoinAdder one of the best Pay-to-click sites for Bitcoin!


Upgrades Completed!

We have completed the necessary improvements to CoinAdder. Everyone has been awarded a 2500 Satoshi BONUS to their account balance for the inconvenience. Thank you for using CoinAdder!

Upgrade Progress

NOTE: If you are not getting credit for viewing ads, clear your Browser cache and re-login. Firefox users can go to History, Show all History, Right-click on CoinAdder.com and choose "Forget about this site" to clear only the cache for CoinAdder.com.

Please Contact Us if you have any issues or bugs.


3+ BTC paid out to CoinAdder users!

Over 300 MILLION Satoshis have been withdrawn by CoinAdder users! =)


CoinAdder switches over to FaucetBox payments!

After receiving several requests, we have finally made the switch over to FaucetBox.com payments which means faster withdrawals to your wallets. On average, payments will be received within 24-48 hours compared to 14-21 days with our former payment processor.

You can also get free Satoshis to your FaucetBox account using our faucet CoinPrizes.com which pays out every 3 hours! Thank you to everyone for your support and look forward to more improvements coming soon.


20,000+ Registered Members at CoinAdder.com

It's been a great start to a new year at CoinAdder.com and it's going to get even better! We've officially broken the 20,000 member mark and will be coming out with new updates soon. Stay tuned and thank you to all our loyal members who keep coming back every day. =)


Over 2 BTC Paid Out!

Over 200 MILLION Satoshis have been paid to CoinAdder.com members. We're getting more Clicks and Ads than ever before with more updates coming soon! Thank you to everyone for your support.


Happy New Year plus New Server!

CoinAdder.com is starting the New Year right with a brand new server which means faster site performance for our users. =) The server migration was officially completed today and we hope everyone is satisfied with the improvement. We wish you all a happy new year and may all your wallets overflow with cryptos!


100,000,000 Satoshi Paid out!

CoinAdder.com has now paid out over 100,000,000 Satoshi ( 1 BTC ) to members!

Since the site's launch in August 2014, we have sent out 8743 payments to 12,194 registered members. We look forward to serving the Bitcoin community with more earning opportunities in the years to come. Thank you to everyone for making CoinAdder one of the best PTC sites for Bitcoin!


Coin Adder Reaches 10,000 Members!

It's been 2 and a half months since the launch of CoinAdder.com and we have now reached 10,000 registered Members. We are very grateful for our loyal users that keep coming back every day to view ads as well as our advertisers who keep the site going!

Thanks to everyone for your support!


1 Million+ Satoshi paid to Members!

We have officially passed the 1 Million Satoshi mark (0.01 BTC) in payments sent out to Members. Thank you so much to all our members that are coming back clicking Ads every day!


Expired Ads page added

View recent Expired Ad statistics at http://www.coinadder.com/expired.php


Lower Minimum Withdrawal Amount

We have lowered the minimum cash-out amount from 10,000 Satoshi (0.0001 BTC) to 7500 Satoshi (0.000075 BTC). Now you will be able to request payment sooner and get those Bitcoins you earned faster!


New Promo Banners Added

You can now find some promotional banners to use in your affiliate marketing campaigns on your account page. Share your referral link on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks or post on your Blog.

All members can earn 10% commission on referred users' clicks!


Coin Adder reaches 1000 Members!

Thank you everyone for your support

Congratulations to the first 1000 members of CoinAdder.com who received 5000 bonus Satoshis!


CoinAdder.com Beta Launched!

Bitcoin's newest PTC site is ready for Business

We are excited to announce that CoinAdder has officially opened its doors for Beta testers and Advertisers. Sign up for free and start earning Bitcoins for viewing Ads. Refer your friends for even more earnings.

If you need more traffic to your websites and links, Submit an Ad today for Guaranteed Visitors!

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